' Art is not a mirror held up to reality but a hammer to shape it '

                                  Bertlott  Brecht (Theatre practitioner)


Deconstruction is a proof that the energy buried deep inside the parts is not lost even when the are disposed. Instead, this remains in the form of a potential, 

waiting for the for the right moment to transform itself once again, into a different, more perceptible form, 

Extract from stelios Manganis artist statement, 2013

My proposal for the MFA show, I will be creating a sculptural piece using found and discarded objects also objects that I collected from the River Thames. These  objects will attached to metal framed trolley  using a variety of strings, fishing wires, elastic bands, metal wires.


Each objects will be reconfigured, flatted, dismantled and crushed using a hammer. 

Around 300 objects has been  attached to the metal frame.








Due to the current situation  I was unable to attend college, which affected my preparation 

for the MFA degree show. 

  • ​No access to workshops, before the college had to close, I made 

  • arrangements with college technicians to make a metal frame for my 

  • sculptural piece. 

  • No access to my objects needed for my sculptural piece.

  • No extra funds availabe to buy materials for show.

  • No access to studio space at home.

Fortunately for me I had not brought in to college all the materials I  was going

to use the sculptural piece. I was able to source my material from home and my outside environment. 

The themes I will be covering in this work will be  storytelling, fragility and 

the Throw - away society.

Object being prepared for my sculptural piece.


Discarded objects used for my sculptural piece.


Haeque Yang is a south Korean artist, yang often uses standard

household objects in her works and tries to liberate them from 

their functional l context and apply other connotations and meaning to them. linguistic and didactic processes are central 

features of her work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Artist that influenced my sculptural piece included artist like Michael Landy,

Cornelia Parker, Haeque Yang, Jean Tinguely and Nam June Paik.

Objects for my sculptural piece.

Zen for Wind 1963, Nam June Paik

Jean Tinguely was swiss sculptor best known for his Kinetic art

sculptural machines (known officially as metamechanics)

TITLE: Ballet des pauvres, 1961

Photographs of my sculptural piece, work in progress.

 Showing different developments, in the making my installation piece.

These two photograph, showing the different sides to the sculptural piece.

Video  of sculptural piece, coming to life, though movement.

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